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Mobile Websites

Everything You Need
For Mobile Websites

Your Customers Are Mobile…Are You?

More and more people are now using smartphones to look for information. You need to make yourself easily accessible to this audience when they look for you or need more information. It is just like a regular website, but designed specifically for the mobile phone. It needs to have the right information and be easy to use.

Build Visitors

You need many ways that your customers or audience can find you. With MoreMobileMedia Website solutions, we provide all the tools you need. We automatically create QR Codes, shortened URL web addresses, sign-up forms and much more. Everything you need to help your customers or audience.  We can do your mobile website see our $400 special on our detailed pricing page. example client::

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Text Messaging

Everything You Need
For Text Messaging

Text Marketing

So what the heck does that mean? Text message marketing is a great way for you to interact and connect with your audience.
Take the example to your right, this is a great way to attract people right into your store, as well as adding them to your contact list to send future promotions. What else can you do? Send them a message about a great special your having, or send out an alert about a discount, even have people text in to win something.

Text Message Alerts

So lets say you are a business or organization that needs to get information out fast. Maybe you need to alert your sales team of an upcoming meeting and need the most effective and easy way to do it – Text messaging with More Mobile Media can do just that.

You can load up your contacts, and send a text message alert with the click of a button.

Simple Account Center

One of the great things about More Mobile Media is there is nothing to install or update. More Mobile Media is ready to use as soon as you create an account. Our services can be accessed from anywhere and from any device with an internet connection. As soon as you create your More Mobile Media account, you can start sending text message right away.

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Very Simple Pricing

Our pricing is extremely simple. There are NO setup fees, hidden fees with any of our accounts. Messages never expire and incoming messages are free.  One text message equals one phone number.

Choose from one of our monthly subscription packages.  If you need to send 10,000+ text messages a month, give us a shout, volume discounts are available upon request.

Get Started Now: Visit our detailed pricing page to order.

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